Beyond Blogging Niche Books

We’re currently working on a series of Beyond Blogging niche guides, which will take the format of the original Beyond Blogging book and drill down into a whole host of niches.

We currently have in progress:

Beyond Travel Blogging

Beyond Automotive Blogging

Beyond Real Estate Blogging

With more in the pipeline!

If you’d like to stay informed about what when we are about to publish in your niche, please join our email list to your right and we’ll keep you updated.

Putting the fun back into blogging!

Don’t you think we’ve all become a little serious lately?

We do.

So we’ve decided to put a little fun back into helping you take your business Beyond Blogging!

Bloggywood Squares

We’re running a an online game show next week called Bloggywood Squares. There’s no catch, it’s just an easy way for us to get to know each other so that you can decide if the Beyond Blogging Project is for you.

There aren’t any strings attached, and we’re giving away a ton of prizes. It’s a gameshow webinar, and so far people are having a blast.

I think you would too.

This page will tell you all about it:  Bloggywood Squares

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Keep Building Your Email Follow Ups

In the course of my travels on the web, I sign up to a lot of email subscriber lists. I do it if the site interests me, and I also do it to learn. You can get some great ideas from other people’s approach to email, as well as some great pointers about what not to do!


One common issue is what I call the “front loaded” follow up. You join a list, and for three or four weeks you get a well thought out sequence of emails, with good content and sales pitches in turn, and then…….nothing.  Until weeks later, you’ll have a broadcast selling something appear in your inbox. And then more….nothing.

That’s why it’s important to task yourself with adding to your follow ups regularly – I add at least one a month to most of my lists, giving them even more added value stuff than sales pitches.

Your objective is to keep people engaged on your list, so that when you do pitch something to them, they remember who you are and that you do add value to their experience.

Check your email account now – how long has it been running for? When did the follow up emails stop? If the gap is big,  get something in there now, and make a note keep adding to the sequence.

If you aren’t building an email list, then you should be. Here at Beyond Blogging, we use and recommend Aweber.

Birthday Craziness – Blog Critiques

Gabriel is Nathan’s son – the one you see in the background of this video and in the photo below. It was his eighth birthday the other day, and we were talking and decided we wanted to celebrate it here on the Beyond Blogging site.

So we came up with the idea of the $8 blog critique!

Nathan and I have developed our skills over the last few months in recording critiques of blogs belonging to our Beyond Blogging Project students, and also doing the same for private coaching clients.

Normally we record these together, using a screencast of the blog we are talking about, and simply send the finished video to the client, with a series of recommendations.

Our regular charge is $145.

But to celebrate Gabriel’s birthday, we’re going to do 8 site critiques for 8 people, at just $8! And we’re going to bring the winners into the screencast call, and let them see the process we go through live, ask us questions and be a part of the whole process. It will be like a two on one consultancy! And they’ll get the video to keep.

All you have to do is convince us that you should be one of the 8.

So get busy in the comments here and let us know why we should choose your blog.

We’ll get back to the winners in a few days and schedule a good time to do it.

Don’t Fade Away

It feels like I’ve been blogging for half my life, but actually it’s only been about a year and a half. I just totted up across the three main blogs I write on and I’ve written over 800 posts in that time, which is around five full length novels!


I was looking back through some of my early work this morning, and it occurred to me how many of the people I was talking to and sharing comments with in those days have simply faded away from blogging. And it made me kind of sad. At least two of them – Gordie Rogers and Jamie Harrop were quite exceptional writers.

But they both lacked an essential ingredient to make it online – tenacity. (And Gordie, Jamie, if you do read this, I hope one day you will rediscover your tenacity, because the blogosphere is a poorer place without your talents.)

Staying power is that dogged “I’m going to keep going” attitude that keeps you writing, keeps you planning and keeps you focused on your objectives, even when they go awry, which they undoubtedly will.

It’s an undervalued trait in successful bloggers, and one which you should nurture and develop. There will be times when you just don’t want to write another post, times when you really don’t want to check your email, and times when you despair of ever breaking through the next financial barrier. Those of you that dig in during those moments will come out the other side stronger and better.

Don’t fade away. Dig deep, or call a friend.

Welcome to The Beyond Blogging Sessions

We’ve been working with some amazing people lately – people in the closed Beyond Blogging Project, and a whole raft of private coaching clients.

The Sessions

We’ve produced a lot of good quality stuff for them, which has been to help them move their businesses Beyond Blogging.

Now we’re making some of the very best of that material available to a much wider audience.

Here’s what’s really different: This is a DVD – a physical product!

We’ve put together a short video to tell you more about it………..

The Beyond Blogging Sessions