Michael Martine, Remarkablogger

Wow, guys, I’m blown away by what’s in here: the combo of the biographies and the analysis of what makes those profiled so successful is a knockout one-two punch.

You’d have to be completely asleep at the wheel if you couldn’t learn from Beyond Blogging and explode your online presence with it.


Shama Kabani, President of the Marketing Zen Group

If you blogged in 1999 – you were in cool. In 2010 – it is almost a necessity! But, how do you find what makes you stand out? What’s the differentiator?

And how did tons of other bloggers build their brand? This book answers all three of those questions. Good value is priceless – and this book packs a good punch.

If nothing else, you will walk away more inspired to become a better blogger.


Drew Bennett,

Nathan and Mike have put together a collection of some of the most inspiring case studies on blogging ever assembled. Being motivated to action is inevitable after reading how these industry leaders made their starts.

Gordie Rogers

Gordie Rogers,

Beyond Blogging is of those rare books that actually lives up to and even surpasses the hype. A great book for anyone looking to make a living online or just create a strong online presence. It’s going to be the book of 2010 for bloggers and Internet marketers.

John Luffa

John Luffa,

I am VERY inspired and charged up by it. I spent all night reading it – I just couldn’t put it down…

So far, it has shifted my focus and approach towards blogging.

Rich Lazzara

Rich Lazzara,

Beyond Blogging gives concrete, detailed and actionable insight into making money online all the while shattering the myth that bloggers are broke.


Naomi Dunford,

…Beyond Blogging is probably going to become one of those standard products that everybody in the industry buys…

…The information contained in Beyond Blogging is likely to become the standard. It does not contain the magic X factor, it contains what has either already become absolutely necessary, or what very shortly will…

David Risley

David Risley,

…This is no copy/paste job – this book is the real deal. Each interview has a biography as well as the author’s analysis of what makes these personalities successful as bloggers…

…Beyond Blogging brings many years of combined blogging experience and success into one content-packed read which is sure to give any blogger several “aha moments”…

Bonnie Landau,

I’m really enjoying the book! Read through several profiles and wow, so many great ideas! Then I got so excited I flipped to the blueprint section and I’ve been working on our blog every since. I’m strategizing and have all kinds of ideas…

Brain is loving the activity! I’m working towards changing our revenue model, and I believe our blog will be a big part of it. I am excited to go back and read the rest of the book once I get all these ideas down on paper.If you’re serious about blogging, you have to read this book! It’s not about wild success stories that are unobtainable for the average person. Each interview shows specific steps that lead to the great success the blogger achieved, and all of it is something anybody could accomplish with similar dedication and effort. It was fabulous to read the myriad of action steps each blogger took, which brings forward so many different avenues that could be pursued. This book opened up a plethora of options for taking our blog to the next level. The greatest challenge will be figuring out which great idea to implement first!

Owen Greaves,

Beyond Blogging is fabulous! Nathan & Mike what a great Book, this book puts all on the road to better blogging and it’s incredibly rich in content, THANK YOU!

This Book gives you the foundation, the encouragement, the hope, and the how to(s) in building a successful platform for your voice. Beyond Blogging puts you light years ahead of other Bloggers, a must have resource. Well Done!

Kimberly Houston

Beyond Blogging is a great resource. I’m just at page 117 of its 200+ pages, and already my heart is near to palpitating with excitement for all the great ideas it’s given me so far!

One thing I truly love about it is, through the case studies, you get to see that are MANY models of blogging success, and you absolutely can follow the beat of your own drummer and become successful. I love this book!

Sue, Manufactured Mobile Homes

Beyond Blogging is full of information and answers a lot of “How to Questions” on blogging and more.

Must read if you are just getting started in blogging or if you have been blogging, see how you can improve! Great Job Nathan and Mike :)

Christine Livingston,

I bought and read Beyond Blogging over the Christmas and New Year period when I was giving real thought to how to develop my blog this year.

The mix of the detailed real-life success stories, their analysis, and the workbook were phenomenally useful to me in that context.

It really gets you thinking about your brand and how, in pragmatic terms, you can build things for yourself. It’s a resource I know I’m going to be turning back to again and again!

Mark Tosczak,

Beyond Blogging: The Secrets to Blogging Success is an ebook (actually two) that sells for $47.

It was written by Nathan Hangen and Mike Cliffe Jones, and has been receiving quite a bit of attention in the blogosphere, in large part because it contains profiles of successful, well-known bloggers and online personalities. Their goal is help you understand what made those bloggers successful, and how you might be able to achieve similar results.

Annie Infinite,

Beyond Blogging is truly inspirational, I have long believed in the power of blogging to create brand awareness and engender trust and respect for your personal brand – You!

This eBook proves the point in spades! Stories from some of the most well known and successful bloggers of all time can only inspire your own success and the tips, tricks and mindset ideas you can gather as you read and digest each story is amazing!

Bob Gray,

Beyond Blogging was a difficult read for me.

I am relatively new to the Blogosphere, so a friend suggested that I should read Beyond Blogging.

Because of it’s unique approach… coming at “content” from all sides, it gives inspiration and insight at every turn.

I KNOW I’m going to have to read it again, because my brain would be thinking… “Hey, this applies to me, and I can do this or that…” on almost EVERY FLIPPING PAGE !!!

Thanks guys, for an amazing and very rewarding book. I feel more confident now, that my Blog will ascend to the next level, and keep going !!!

Hans Hageman,

I read it all in one sitting. The profiles highlighted some remarkable people – remarkable in their vision and persistence.

There was inspiration and there were practical pointers. I refer to it whenever my pace slackens.

Frances Archer

This book introduced me to many bloggers who I am now following, people who offer wise advice and set the bar high.

Purchasing this book made a significant difference–you should do it today.

Alan Weinkrantz,

A great and modest investment. Like so many things in life, often times it’s the method and process that counts.

That’s my take-away with what Mike and Nathan have produced.

If you follow the method and discipline yourself to the process – and give the process time, it will really work.

Deborah Shane,

2009 was the year I made a serious commitment to setting myself up to blog the “right” way, and there is a right process.

Beyond Blogging is authentic, comprehensive, insightful and has helped me really understand why people are successful. Big Fan, keep up the awesome job!

Travis Morgan,

I haven’t finished reading Beyond Blogging just yet. But there’s a perfectly legitimate reason for it!!

This book is so jam packed full of amazing content that when I read over it, I go slow to make sure I get every little bit! I know this sounds so cheesy right now, but I’m serious. There are many parts I have to read over and over. Just a few of the quotes in this thing will change your mind.

Besides the above, Beyond Blogging is a legitimate, No-BS, no filler ebook, focusing less on simply mimicking another “Pro-Blogger” and more on how to take your own route and do it YOUR way. After reading only 20 pages of this baby, I was already chomping at the bit to get my blog started which in the past I had put down because I was afraid it wouldn’t be “monetizable.” After months of trying other people’s ideas, money blogging, blogging about blogging, internet tech blogging, I discovered it wasn’t who I was!! Beyond Blogging broke me out of that mindset and I’m well on my way to pursuing my passions through blogging, no matter what “niche” it may fall under.

Sorry for the length, but I feel it’s earned. I didn’t have to write this.

Mike Robertson,

I’m not necessarily a blogger by nature, but it’s something I want to improve upon. In my field, becoming a great communicator is a must.

Beyond Blogging is a fantastic resource for bloggers new and old. I love the background information on all the various authors, and it’s really motivated me to take my blog to the next level.

Thanks for the great resource!

Scott Showers,

I’ve enjoyed the read so far. What I have taken away is the fact that there are numerous ways to run and monetize a site.

It is important to do it in a way that fits your style and personality or it is going to turn into work and who wants that.

Stephanie Krahl,

It is difficult to put into words the value that Beyond Blogging provides. The wealth of information inside this book is not only inspirational but priceless.

I am new to blogging and have been seeking out “the best” to learn from. Beyond Blogging has validated that the value an individual can add through their blogging is endless as well as profitable and fulling.

Bill Wilson,

Beyond Blogging is one of several “how to blog” books I’ve read over the last year. I’ll state my one complaint up front: I wish it had come out sooner

If you’re looking for a simple checklist, this book isn’t for you. But if you want to see how others have been successful and what makes their blogs work, this is must-reading.

Ken Montville,

What makes this book great is that it is concise, highly informative and entertaining to read.

I was originally pulled in by the promise of the case studies for the “A List” bloggers in the book.

I know a lot of them. I was also introduced to many bloggers with some great content that I hadn’t heard of, though, and was glad to find out about them.

It’s full of solid, practical advice for creating a map for my own blogging whether it’s for fun or profit.


What I got from Beyond Blogging is that some people can put in 50+ hours/week and be successful, while others can put in 10-20 hours/week and still be just as successful.

This allows you to spend as much time as you want writing and talking about what you love. It also helped me to create a long term plan for what I want my music business blog to do.

Joseph Ratliff,

This ebook gets a solid “I recommend it” for newbie to intermediate bloggers. Because so many insights are provided, from so many different successful bloggers, the compilation of excellent advice gives this ebook a 4 out of 5 rating.

Why not 5 out of 5?

I honestly felt this ebook didn’t go “beyond blogging” as the title says…but contains EVERY bit of info you would need to get a solid blogging business or business built on a blog going.

(Left on Amazon site)


I finally finished BB. It took a while but I will be taking the hard copy with me to Atlanta next week to #NAMS3 if it gets here on time. For more info about #NAMS check it out on Twitter. I’m a skeptic to say the least but an expert waiting to happen which is hard to believe from a guy who has been on the internet before Al Gore knew what a keyboard was.

Fear of losing the cush of my life is what has been holing me back but really sick of living on the dole. I know I’m not alone or the only baby boomer out there who feels this way.

Michelle McGraw,

I really enjoyed Beyond Blogging. When I first got it I kind of rushed through it, skimming everything so I could get a good idea of what was in the book. I’ve now been spending the last few weeks going over everything thoroughly and making lots of notes.

I love how the book is broken down and lots of humor too. The information was definitely presented in a way where it was fun to read and I’m learning new things.

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