Press Release

Press Release

Beyond Blogging Launches to Internet Frenzy

The Electronic Book Beyond Blogging launched on the 28th of December, creating a massive post-Christmas buzz online.

The book features interviews and case studies with 15 of the world’s most successful bloggers, and then pulls together the learning into a road map for anyone considering entering the world of weblogs.

The subjects of the study command huge on line empires, generating millions in income, with audiences that would put most major newspapers to shame. They include:

Chris Brogan – the social media marketing expert and NYT best selling author
Gary Vaynerchuk – the famous “Wine guy” from Wine Library TV
Chris Guillebeau – Author of The Art of Non Conformity and currently on a quest to visit every country in the world
Penelope Trunk – Founder of Brazen Careerist and infamous Twitter user
Darren Rowse – Australian owner of blogging empire B5 media
Pete Cashmore – Forbes internet celebrity and founder of Mashable

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