Update from Mike

Nathan has had a really productive couple of weeks and is getting ahead of me! I’ll catch up!

Reading through the work we have both done this week has allowed me to start to draw some commonalities from our featured and case study bloggers.

They all worked really, really hard for the first couple of years. I know that may seem obvious, but there remains a strong belief that blogging for an online living is all about sitting on the beach while the money rolls in.

That might be possible after a few years, but to successfully launch a blog as a platform to earn money requires serious hard work for a sustained period, and some of the stories of churning out ten or twelve posts in a day, getting up at 4am to work before going to a normal job and simply burning the candle at both ends, have both inspired me and filled me with some awe.

These stories are exceptional, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

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